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I added a link on the web site yesterday  to a page on the My Bus Tracker web site.  That site allows people to see the same information, live on the web, as appears on the signs beside Edinburgh bus stops.

These signs use satellite navigation to predict when the next buses will arrive at each stop.

I was amused by an email that has just arrived from Eric Gold, formerly of Edinburgh and now living in East London.  Eric is using the system - if only in his dreams!

It may well bring back more of his memories of Edinburgh.

Eric wrote:

"The bus gadget is great and Iím now in Craigmillar waiting for a number 2 to Nicholson square and Surgeons Hall, (ha ha ha ha ha).

 I just canít understand why London did not have it first although the tubes do give you the info.

Thereís my bus (ha ha ha)."

Eric Gold, East London:  February 16, 2008



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