working for

Kings of Glasgow

at Carfraemill

Thank you to Matt Rooney, New Cumnock. Ayrshire, Scotland, for the recollections below.  Matt had  many jobs in and around Edinburgh, here he tells of working on the roads at Carfraemill in the 1950s.

Carfraemill is situated at the junction of the A68 and A697, 21 miles south of Edinburgh.

Matt wrote:

The A 68

"I worked with King's of Glasgow at Carfaemill to aid the stopping of a waters flow. The contract that King's of Glasgow had was to re-route the A68 at Carfraemill by cutting off the bad bend.

I and an older gent were given the task of building the drystane dyke that supports the car park. We must have done a good job as its still standing to this day."

The A 68

"We worked on a Bonus and time was precious to us as each delay cost us money. I had to move my digs and ended up in one of those wooden caravans similar to the one that Fred Dibnah trailed after his Traction Engine.

I paid a 1;00 a week dig money and for that they supplied the caravan with pots,  pans, a kettle, blankets, pillows, slips and sheets which were changed by the Company every week.  Even coal and sticks for the fire were supplied.

It was great inside.  Even in winter it got so that we had to open the wee window to allow some fresh air in at night, The Caravan was in a field about half a mile away from the Hotel on the Coldstream road."

The A 68

"I even got myself a sort of part time job as the Night Watchman because in those days we didn't have traffic signals as they have on the roads today.  It was those paraffin lamps with the red paint on them, and they had to be filled then trim the wicks and lit as soon as the light started to fade." 


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