The Inch

Newington, Edinburgh




Paul Sutherland

Glasgow, Scotland

Thank you to Paul Sutherland, who earlier sent me his recollections of Liberton, for commenting on photos of trees at trees at Inch Park that I recently added to the EdinPhoto web site.

Paul wrote:


"It's nice to see your pictures of the trees in The Inch Park.


Tree near the SW corner of Inch Park ©

 I was born and brought up in The Inch and throughout my boyhood I was very aware and appreciative of the trees."

The Inch Estate

"If you go up into Dinmont Drive you will see a pair of huge mature trees planted probably way before the building of Inch House. My mother told me they were planted by the original estate owner and were given female names although I have no idea where she heard that.

There are more or the original trees further up into the estate as well.  You could probably see them on Google Earth."

Garden City

"The Inch scheme itself was built with the post-war 'garden city' notion very much in mind. I have a book on architecture published probably in the early-1960s.  On the dust jacket is an artistís impression birds-eye view of The Inch."

Paul Sutherland, Glasgow, Scotland:  September 20, 2012


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