Temporary Wooden Housing built in the 1920s, after World War I


Temporary Post-War Housing

World War II


About 4,000 prefabs were constructed in Edinburgh in the late-1940s.  These were pre-fabricated houses which were intended to have a life of fifteen years, but some are still in use and appear to be in good condition today (in 2011) in Edinburgh.

The EdinPhoto web site now includes photos and memories of Edinburgh prefabs:

Craigour Avenue  -   prefab housing erected in the 1940s

World War I


I only recently became aware that there had been a similar project in the 1920s, following the end of World War I.  Wooden housing was constructed, known a 'hutments' (a chiefly military term for a group of huts).

Frances Murray wrote

Sloan Street

Temporary Housing

"My dad, Hamish McGlynn, b 1928, was brought up in Sloan Street. I remember him describing temporary housing being put up in the concrete play park, possibly during the war years.

I cannot seem to find any information about this and wonder if any of your contributors can help."

Frances Murray, Broomhouse, Edinburgh:  May 4, 2011

John Dickson replied, enclosing a press cutting and photograph.

"This old newspaper cutting shows wooden huts in Iona street, the caption reads: 'Wooden Hutments occupied as dwelling-houses are being demolished by Edinburgh Corporation'."

John Dickson, Broughton, Edinburgh:  June 27, 2011


Does anybody else have any information about Hutments in Edinburgh?




Neil Lawrence
Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

-  Albert Street

-  Meadowbank



Neil Lawrence

Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Thank you to Neil Lawrence for his research into this topic.

Neil wrote:


"As fare as I can see, there were two sets of hutments built in 1921

-  about 56 were built at Albert Street

-  about 88 were built at Meadowbank

These were later demolished. (See note on City of Edinburgh Council drainage records, 1939/40.)

I've not been able to find any photos of the Edinburgh hutments or any more information about them, either on the web or elsewhere."

Neil Lawrence, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh:  July 8, 2011

Please click on the thumbnail images below to see the two maps and one of he drainage reports that Neil sent to me:

Albert Street area

Map showing hutments

   Edinburgh  - Albert Street area   -  Map showing hutments

Meadowbank area

Map showing hutments

   Edinburgh  - Meadowbank  area   -  Map showing hutments

Meadowbank area

London Road (north side)

Drainage Report




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