During World War II




Ann Rogiani (née Hogg)

British Columbia, Canada

Ann Rogiani (née Hogg) wrote:

Our Home

"We lived at 161 Morrison Street, just in from the corner of Grove Street."

Back Green

"We had an air raid shelter in the 'back green' which was surrounded by tenements.  The surface of the green was very uneven and had heaved up in places.

One night when we were running to the shelter, my mother took a bad tumble, just managing to hand me to my dad before she fell.  She had a very nasty wound on her knee and I know that someone attended to it in the shelter.

From then on, we went to the bed recess in the front room and did not leave when the sirens sounded."

Ann Rogiani (née Hogg), British Columbia, Canada:  October 9, 2012


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