"The Grapes"

Clerk Street



George T Smith, British Columbia, wrote:

'The Grapes'

"On your travels around town can you check if there is still  a pub on west side of Clerk Street, about 80 yards south of the  former New Victoria cinema called 'The Grapes'?

It was the haunt of  my grandfather and his cronies and I think my grandmother went there  occasionally.  My childhood recollection of it in the late 30's.

'The Joog

"I  only glanced inside the open door of "The Joog".  I recall a small dingy  place ( but  did it have a stained glass window, with grapes in the  design?).

There were two doors; one led into the "Jug bar" (called the joog)  which had seating  accommodation for four women. It acted as both  ladies' bar and off-licence.

I understood that beer on draught could  be bought as a 'cairry oot' if you brought your own jug. I have no  idea if women were barred from the public bar but it is a reflection  on how attitudes to drinking have changed since then.

George T Smith, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada:  February 13, 2007



'The 1/4 Gill'

I had a walk down Clerk Street  earlier this week and found 'The Grapes' bar at No 77, now named 'The Quarter Gill'.

'The Quarter Gill', formerly 'The Grapes' 77 Clerk Street, Edinburgh

The owner told me that he had owned 'The 1/4 Gill'  for the past six years, and that previously, it had changed its name several times.

FROM: 'The Grapes'

TO:      'The Edinburgh Bar'

TO:      'The Grapes' (again)

TO:      'The Edinburgh Bar' (again)

TO:      'Priscilla's' (frequented by motor cycle enthusiasts)

TO:      'The Cauldron' (a 'gay bar')

TO:      'The 1/4 Gill' (now).

The stained glass windows are no longer in the pub, but the original bar is still in place, and there is still live music in the pub.

'The Quarter Gill', formerly 'The Grapes' 77 Clerk Street, Edinburgh


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