Furness Withy

Leith Docks


Brian V Fox

Wells, Somerset, England

Thank you to Brian V Fox, Wells, Somerset, for sending me his recollections of Leith Docks.

Brian Wrote

Leith Docks

"My Father worked in Leith Docks during the war and retired in 1960.  He worked for Furness Withy and was in charge of the electric trucks used to unload/load ships.

The docks were a restricted area in the war, but he used to take me with him for a treat on occasions to see his repair workshop.  It was quite an adventure for me."


"I also worked in the docks in Customs & Excise for about five years.  They were very busy in those days but as far as I can see most commerce has disappeared now"

Brian V Fox, Wells, Somerset, England:  May 8, 2006


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