Forth Bridge

Rail Bridge over the Firth of Forth, opened 1890

Linking North and South Queensferry




Doreen Clegg

Doreen Clegg wrote:


Isaac Willis (1862-1943)

"My grandfather, Isaac Willis, from Silloth, Cumbria, was born in 1862.  He worked on the building of the Forth Bridge during the 1880s, when he  was in his twenties.    He returned to Silloth towards the completion  of the Bridge.   I would dearly love to find out when he was working on the bridge and what he did there.  We believe he was a crane driver How long he  stayed there.

In 1942 his son (my father) was the police inspector in the Marine  Police at Port Edgar.  My mother and I joined him to live in North  Terrace.  Grandad Isaac also came to live with us but he was a man of  few words and did not speak of his days working on the Bridge.   He  died in South Queensferry in 1943 and is buried in Dalmeny Cemetery."

Workers' Records

"I wonder if there are any records of workers, or their pay sheets  which could list names.   I realise that there would be several  contractors on the construction.

I've read the book, 'The Briggers' which interests me very much. There is one small photograph of a man sitting on a crane, nameless  of course, but who resembles my father when he would be in his  twenties, but that is a far as we can go.

I'd appreciate your help in finding workers' records or similar,  though I don't expect  miracles.   Thank you."

Doreen Clegg:  January 29, 2011

Reply to Doreen?

I think Doreen will be lucky to find any official records to answer her question.  I know that even the people who were involved in recently creating a monument to those who had died during the construction of the bridge had to resort to trawling through old newspapers and other reports to find the information they were looking for.

However, if you know of any records that might be of interest to Doreen, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to her.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 7, 2011


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