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 Dance Band  -  1920s

Edinburgh Dance Band in the 1920s

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor, Florida, USA



Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor

Florida, USA

Thank you to Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor, Florida, USA for sending the photograph above.  Jennifer wrote: 

1920s and 1930s

Dave Greenhill

"My grandfather, Dave Greenhill, had several dance bands during the 20s and 30s and played at the Palais de Danse and other dance halls in the city and around Britain.

This is a photo of one of his bands - Dave Greenhill is in the centre.  The photograph was probably taken in the mid-1920s.  It is probably not  'The Romany Revellers'; that was a larger band of which he was a member.

Here is a picture of him.  Dave Greenhill is in the centre.  The photograph was probably taken in the mid-1920s. 

 I have a small collection of photos of Edinburgh Bands in the 1920s and 1930s.  I'm trying to find anyone who is interested in the  photos, and who might have more information.

I also have some programs from the Dance Halls.   I'll send one of the programs as soon as I can find which storage box it is in."

Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor, Florida, USA.    23 August 2005




Tommy Sampson

Band Leader

Thank you to Frank Ferri, Newhaven, for letting me know about an article in the Edinburgh Evening News, reporting the death at the age of 90, of  Leith jazz band leader, Tommy Sampson.

The Evening News article reported:

"Tommy Sampson ...:

-  was still fronting his own big band as recently as last year (2007).

-  over the years, played in the capital's major hotels.

-  regularly appeared in the Jazz Festival.

-  played the cornet in the Salvation Army Band, led by his father.

Edinburgh Evening News, October 21, 2008.




Claire Graham

Claire Graham wrote:

The Carlton Orchestra

"Here is a photo of The Carlton Orchestra.

    Ramage & Ferguson workers, 1927

My grandfather, William (Bill) Brunton is playing the piano in this photo.

It's possible that the man playing the violin was Harry Desson and that the drummer was Stungo.

Does anybody recognise the men playing the saxophone or the trombone

I don't know whether or not the band's name was connected with a hotel or dance hall.  I would be very greatful for any information that anybody could give me."

Claire Graham:  July 18 + 21, 2014

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Reply to Clare Graham

If you have any comments about this photo and would like to send a message to  Clare Graham, please email me to let me know, then I'll pass on her email address to you.

Peter Stubbs , Edinburgh:  July 24, 2014




Iain (Clash) McLeod

Thank you to Ian who wrote

Edinburgh Bands

"I was a reasonable drummer who played in many Edinburgh bands, Memphis Soul Band, The Bootleggers, Three's a Crowd, Scotch & Soda, et al.

I eventually turned professional with a band fronted by the famous Jim Diamond called Gully Foyle and met and was friendly with a lot of now dead people like Linnie Paterson, Toto, Tam White, Tam Paton (who used to give me work), etc. etc.
I remember
The Hunters and The Images really well because they both had tremendously charismatic singers. I never met them in Edinburgh but as it turned out the singer of The Hunters obviously knew me.


In 1970 Gully Foyle were playing various second rate clubs in Germany and we managed to get a residency at the K65 in Frankfurt, Germany.

To get into the club there is little bridge and sitting under it are various beggars. On the way  in, one day, I heard the shout Iain, Iain, Clash, Iain.

To my dismay it was the singer of the Hunters. I would think it unlikely if he is still alive but the image of one of the most charismatic singers in Scotland begging has lived with me to this day.
I played with
Jim di Mambro in Scots and Soda (I wis the drummer) and he is one of the folk I'd love to contact but don't know how to..

It appears he lives in South Africa so it would be great if you could tell him that I met Glenn Wall (a cousin of his) a few years ago in New South Wales.

Of course he could be the Jim di Mambro I didn't meet as there were two of them and one left before I joined. The Jim I played with was a terrific singer and played bass."

Iain (Clash) McLeod:  25 February 2014


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