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Ian Thomson

Lake Maquarie, New South Wales, Australia

Thank you to Ian Thomson who wrote:

Eastern Harriers
Athletics Club

"My memory has become active again, thinking of the Eastern Harriers Athletics Club, somewhere off the Royal Mile.

The year was 1955.  I was aged 21, fit enough to jump over the moon, and into football.  I was working at the construction of the new Western General Hospital with about 20 other plumbers."

Training Run

"One of my mates, Dougie, was a member of the Harriers.  He kept telling me how fit he was and how he could run me into the ground.  Anyway, I relented agreeing to join him in a mid-week training run.

On a cold, misty, winter night, a pack of us left the hall heading down the back streets, past the Palace and  into the Queen's Park, then set out clockwise to run around Arthur's Seat.

By the time we passed Dunsapie Loch we were thinning out.  I was hanging on to the tail of the pacesetter, a fine runner.  Finally, we turned the corner east past Samson's Ribs, there was an eerie silence - just me and the leader.  The rest were lost in the mist.

for me the word knackered comes to mind, but credit to the leader he talked me home, telling me to hang on till we reached the hall."


"Five minutes later the rest staggered in, including Dougie, who remained very quiet at the Western General.  I'm now having double knee replacement,.  I wonder why!"

Ian Thomson, Lake Maquarie, New South Wales, Australia:  January 15, 2012