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Granton, Edinburgh




Jan Hepburn

Thank you to Jan Hepburn who wrote:


"I was born and brought up in Granton at 231 Crewe Road North where my mother and father lived until 1988.   I attended Royston Primary School then Ainslie Park Secondary School."


"My first job was, when still at school, in D’Invernos on a Wed and Sat nights.

I worked for Scottish Oils & Shell Mex / Shell & BP Scotland Ltd then latterly Shell UK Oil from  1966 to 1993.  I was based at Granton, 1966-74 and 1976 until the terminal closed in 1978.

This depot was both rail and sea fed.  One of the pics of Regent on this Regent Oil Terminal page

is in  fact of the Shell tank farm and another is of the Regent depot in  the foreground but the Shell tank farm in the background (although I'm a wee bitty suspicious that this pic may have been tamper with)."

Jan Hepburn:  20 February 2016
Update added to EdinPhoto web site on 3 January 2017




John B

Powmill, Perth & Kinross, Scotland

Thank you to John B who wrote:

Oil Terminals at Granton

"On seeing Recollections 1 above, added to the web site on 3 January 3 January, I looked at the photographs shown above under the heading 'Regent Oil Terminal' - Granton', and the comment by Jan Hepburn about them."



"The tanks in background are not the Shell/BP tanks.  Their site was much smaller than the one shown.  There are too many large tanks and the smaller Shell/BP tanks (seen in Photo 8) are not visible. 

One of the large tanks has what appears to be the Esso company motif partly visible.   The photo appears to have been taken from an embankment which would not exist at the Regent site. 

Compare Photo 7 with the tanks seen on this photo from the NCAP (National Collection of Aerial Photography) web site.

There are also other photos, including some taken before the Regent depot was constructed.  They can be found by searching for Granton on the NCAP  site.  Follow this link and search Granton to find them."



"Photo 4 appears to show the same site as Photo 7.   Viewed from the Regent site, you would not see the shore end of the east breakwater (which I think looks different anyway) without also seeing the Middle Pier.

Compare the position of the loading gantry under construction in these two photographs with Photo 13, which is of Granton.

Could Photos  4 and 7 be of a different location?"

John B, Powmill, Perth & Kinross, Scotland:  6 January 2017



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