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Ian Smith

Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland

Thank you to Ian Smith who wrote:

Qualifying Exam


The Qually Dance

"The Qually Dance was held at the end of Primary School.  It's now called 'The Prom.Prom'.  It was probably the first dates for the youngsters.

It was called The Qually Dance after the Qualifying Exam, the Scottish of the '11+' in England) sat at the end of Primary School, that separated pupils who would go on to:

-  Senior Secondary School (for those who passed the exam. i.e. Grammar School)

-  Secondary Modern School (for those who just failed the exam).

Secondary Modern pupils had the opportunity to move up to Senior Secondary School later if they showed promise of passing the Scottish 'O Grade' exams.

-  Junior Secondary (for the remaining 75 to 80%.  They were taught metal work, book keeping, etc., setting them up for apprenticeships."

Ian Smith, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland:  October 15, 2014