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George T Smith

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to George T Smith, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, who wrote:



  Edinburgh Castle and Christmas Lights on the trees in Princes Street Gardens

"I don' t know if it will trigger any memories but my father who  worked as an electrician for the Edinburgh Corporation from an office in Dewar Place frequently mentioned that he and his mates rigged up  the flood lighting on Edinburgh Castle .

I don't know if they were  involved in the lighting of the esplanade but I have some memory of  them working on the rocks below the castle.

 It is all very vague for  it was many years ago."

George T Smith, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada:  December 6, 2006




Mary Trace

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thank you to Mary Trace who wrote about her father who grew up in Edinburgh in the early 1900s.

Mary wrote:

School at the Castle

"My father, Percy George Kearns, was born in 1893.  He was the son of a Sgt Major in the Royal Artillery who was transferred to the Garrison Artillery at the Castle about 1900.

At the time my father would have been about 7 years of age.  He always told us that he went to school in Edinburgh Castle.  His sister always said that Percy & Bill (my father and his brother) went to school at the top of the Castle and she went to school at the bottom.

Dad attended that school there for 7 years.  He was also a choir boy at St Giles church in the High Street at that time."

Return Visit to Edinburgh

"On his only trip to the UK after his time there in WWII we took a trip to Edinburgh and visited the Castle. Very near to where the Museum (I believe) is, there was door to the upstairs floor. Dad said that was where he went to school.

He asked one of the Guardians if it would be possible to go upstairs, and why. They had a little argument over the fact that there was never a school up there, but the fellow was considerably younger than my Dad."




Margaret Savannah

New Jersey, USA

Margaret Savannah visited Edinburgh again in October 2010.

She remembers the times when she used to go to Edinburgh Castle to play.

Hide and Seek

"There used to be no charge to get into Edinburgh Castle.  We used to go there to play 'hide and seek'.  We were well behaved and never got into trouble."

Margaret Savannah, New Jersey, USA:  October 21, 2010


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