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Archie Lourie

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Loganlea Terrace

"I'm writing my autobiography.  I was brought up in 18 Loganlea Terrace between 1940 and 1952 and have very happy memories.  My Grandparents were Willie and Mary Oliver.  Their house was  on the ground floor on the right."

Nursery School

"I was too young to remember the bombs falling, but I remember the devastation when I was taken to the nursery school at Craigentinny School."

Air Raid

"One recollection that is clearly in my mind was when a raid was taking place. Nobody in the block would go into the air raid shelters, but all the six families congregated in my grandparents' hosse.

It was early hours of the morning and I was on the settee with my mother in the living room. Mrs Headspeath from the flat above arrived in her fur coat with he nightie hanging below the hem. Goodness knows why she chose to wear that coat. Maybe she wanted to meet her maker properly dressed!!!

Happy days.

Archie Laurie:  March 22, 2013

Reply to Archie Lourie

1. Thank you for your message above.  I sent you a fuller reply by email, but you appear to have changed your email address and it did not get through to you.  So, I hope you find this page and read this message.

I enjoyed reading your memories and wish you all the best for the autobiography that you are writing.

2. Thank you for also sending me your thoughts on where one of the old  railway photos might have been taken.  However, I've not added those thoughts to the EdinPhoto web site because I've already received and posted other replies on that topic.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  January 28, 2016



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