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Karen Allott

Thank you to Karen Allott who wrote

Newhaven Fisherman

"My granddad was born in Newhaven on November 16, 1919.

When World War II broke out, he was away on his fishing boat and they  were sunk by a German War Boat.  I have heard that this was the first commercial vessel sunk in the war.

Anyway, they were adrift a while, and when they eventually arrived back at the harbour, one boot on and one boot lost, the constable was waiting for granddad to arrest him because he had missed his call up for the Navy!

I don't know the name of the fishing boat or captain, and can't seem to find anything about it.  Most of my relatives are now dead, so I can't verify the facts.  My granddad was very reluctant to speak of his time in the War."

Karen Allott:  October 5, 2011



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