"Edinburgh at War"

1939 - 1945

Thank you to Matt Rooney, New Cumnock. Ayrshire, Scotland, for the recollections below:


Milk Bottle Tops

"I remember what it was like as a child growing up during the War

We knocked on people's doors and collecting milk bottle tops with my pal Hugh McGarry of Polton Road  (I cannot remember whether that came under Lasswade or Bonnyrigg) and handing them in to the local Provost.


Both of us got into the Pictures that day for free.  The picture was the one where "Lon Chaney" walks into an electricity pylon, but I cannot remember the name of the film.

Hugh and I were absolutely terrified as we were both far too young at the time to have been allowed into an Adult sort of film. My Mum was furious and told the Provost off for letting "her wee boy" see such a film.   I don't ever remember seeing another showing of that film.

To explain about the Provost and the free pass that day, the then Provost owned both the Regal Picture House in Bonnyrigg and the Ballroom which was upstairs and where, years later I had many a good smooch with some of the local lasses, especially when I was home on leave from the Army.


This was when I was stationed in either England or Germany, I had a steady girl at one time but it didn't last long as she decided that her career as a nurse was more important than marriage.  But She did wait until I came home on my next leave before she told me, not like some of my pals in the Army that got "Dear John letters".

Home Guard and Scouts

I was involved in other activities to Help the then War Effort, and was always volunteering to be a runner for the Home Guard.

The Scouts were doing that at the time, but to sort of placate me, they let me watch what they were doing.

I did learn how to assemble and strip down a Bren gun, which came in handy when I joined the Royal Scots as a National Serviceman".



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