Edinburgh New Town

East London Street




Jim Suddon

Morningside, Edinburgh

Thank you to Jim Suddon who wrote:

'The Vantie'

"The Confectionery shop in East London Street was known as 'The Vantie'.  It had a machine on the counter which was for the purpose of making Vantas drinks.  I never had one myself but we used to buy Vantas cubes which we sucked.

The shop was run by a lovely couple, Mr and Mrs MacDonald.  Mr MacDonald just died a few months ago but in all the years that he was in the shop he never seemed to change.  This fact was noticed by many others also."


"It must have been difficult running a confectioner's business in the 1940s  with rationing and the shortage of supplies."

I remember my mother liked Dainty Dinah Toffees and he used to tell her when they were due to possibly come in.  She delighted in being able to buy a quarter pound of toffees and considered they were the best, although I liked Sharps myself."

Jim Suddon, Morningside, Edinburgh:  October 17, 2009


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