Primary School

Easter Drylaw Drive, Edinburgh 4




Brian Alexander

Prestonfield, Edinburgh

Thank you to Brian Alexander who wrote:


"I lived in No 1 Telford Drive. and my schools were:

- Drylaw Primary School (1958-64) and

- Ainslie Park Secondary (1964-67).

Both schools were well populated in those days with huts round the edge of the playground at Drylaw for 'overspill' classrooms and concrete 'huts' near the playing fields at Ainslie."

Drylaw Teachers

"Does anyone remember:

-  Miss Blott,

Miss McAffer (later Mrs Watt)

Mr McCulloch

Mrs Menzies

Mr Houston, Headmaster

Mr Mitchell the 'Janny' who coached athletics (and kept us off the grass when wet)?"

Police Demo

"Who remembers the demonstration by the police on Road Safety, driving their white Mk II Jaguar police car through the playground and skidding to a halt to indicate how long it took to stop? Would that be allowed in today's Health and Safety orientated world?  I think not!"

'Television Train'

"There were train trips on the 'Television Train' to Pitlochry and Blantyre, leaving from Blackhall Station."

Brian Alexander, Prestonfield, Edinburgh




Brian Alexander

Prestonfield, Edinburgh

Thank you to Brian Alexander who wrote again.

Brian wrote:

Diesel Multiple Units

"My family moved into No 1 Telford Drive in summer 1958.  I am sure the diesels ran on the line directly behind the tenements on Telford Drive, terminating at the Caledonian Station at the West End from that time.

It was a real treat to get the train from Blackhall Station to the 'Caley' Station.  The fare for children was 3d, I think.  The alternative was to get the No 17 bus on Telford Road, terminating at Randolph Place and not nearly as much fun."


"As school kids at Drylaw Primary, we walked over the footbridge from Telford to Drylaw.  It was great fun hanging over the bridge parapet when the trains went under, but the blue diesel exhaust in your face was not so pleasant!"

Brian Alexander, Prestonfield, Edinburgh:  September 22, 2010



A Reeves

Thank you to A Reeves for responding to 'Recollections 1' above, and writing:


"Reading the comments above certainly brought back memories!  I lived in Telford Road for part of the 1950s and went to Drylaw School."


"I certainly remember Miss Blott, and still vividly remember being entranced by her stories of New Zealand.   I also remember:

-   Mr Houston, the Head Teacher.

-   Miss Letham

-   Mr Morrison.

School Shield

"I believe my father helped make the wooden school shield which was in the school hall.  Think it had three swans.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane!"

A Reeves:  May 30, 2011



Helen Commander

Kent, England

Thank you to Helen Commander who wrote about attending Drylaw Primary School before she moved on to Ainslie Park Secondary School.

Helen wrote:

'Mr Leather'

"I began at Drylaw Primary School.  My favourite teacher there was Miss Graham-Brown.  She was known for keeping 'Mr Leather' in her desk drawer.  She was strict but fair!"

Helen Commander, Kent, England:  October 21, 2014