Primary School

Clermiston, West Edinburgh




Lorraine Bruce (née Dutton)

Dingwall, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland

Thank you to Lorraine Bruce for telling me about the Children's Summer Camps at Humbie in East Lothian, about fifteen miles SE of Edinburgh.

Lorraine wrote:

Humbie Camp

"I went to Drumbrae Primary School.  Children whose parents could not send them on the cruise boats or other expensive school trips could be sent to Humbie Children's Summer Camp.

I recall being very scared but, in fact, once I got into it,  Humbie was an adventure.  We went walks in the countryside and we put on a musical event near the end of the stay.  We had tuck boxes and a midnight feast.

The folk there were very kind , but I remember standing on my glasses and being very scared to tell my mum.

Does anybody else remember the Humbie School Summer Camps?

Lorraine Bruce (née Dutton), Dingwall, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland:  September 1, 2010




Eleanor Stenhouse

Thank you to Eleanor Stenhouse who wrote:

Police Road Safety Unit

Uncle Bill and Uncle Gordon

"As a pupil at Drumbrae Primary School in the 1960s, I remember 'Uncle Bill' and 'Uncle Gordon' coming to give us talks on road safety.

I also remember the song we used to sing at the end of their talk: “We must have safety on the Queen`s Highway”.

'Uncle Gordon' would put the words up on the screen when 'Uncle Bill''s back was turned."

Eleanor Stenhouse:  July 13, 2014


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