Edinburgh New Town

Blenheim Place

The west end of Royal Terrace, close to Leith Walk


Recollections by Jan Weldon (née Brittain)

Thank you to Jan Weldon, now living in Lichfield, Staffordshire for sending me her recollections of living close to the centre of Edinburgh.

Jan wrote:

Blenheim Place

"I was born in 1938 and, from about the age of two, when my sister was born, our family lived in Blenheim Place. on  the first floor, I believe.

I would be interested to find out the history of Blenheim Place.  I believe it is now occupied by Royal Bank of Scotland, or it was about 6 years ago when I last visited Edinburgh."

Move from Edinburgh

"Around 1947, soon after my brother was born, we returned to the Midlands.  My father worked in the food industry, at Ryvita in Birmingham, then for Rowntrees in York, and finally Duncans Chocolate in Edinburgh.


I recall, amongst other things:

- watching the Royal Family pass on their way to Holyrood Palace. 

-  visiting to a submarine in Leith Docks.  My sister and I as young children had a photo taken with Polish(?) seamen/airmen.  I believe the photo was published in the local paper but I've never seen it."

Jan Weldon (née Brittain), Lichfield Staffordshire, England:  November 1, 2007

Jan added:


"I am trying to establish where the 'school' was that my sister and I went to.  It was a private house and was run, as I recall, by 2 elderly (so it seemed to me) spinster (?) ladies.

I recall playing in a garden at break times.  On one occasion I cut my leg badly and still bear the scar!  I'll have to get a road map and try to identify which road it was in.

Jan Weldon (née Brittain), Lichfield Staffordshire, England:  November 1 + 2, 2007

Jan:  The lower right corner of this extract from a 1955 map may help:

Edinburgh and Leith map, 1955  -  North Edinburgh section ©

Unfortunately, Blenheim Place is about the only road that is not named on this map! 

However the road itself is clearly shown.  It is a continuation of Royal Terrace to the west.  It's the 'dotted section' immediately above the 'C' of CALTON near the bottom of the map.

- Peter Stubbs:  November 30, 2007


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