Beverley / Blue Halls Cinema

3 Lauriston Street




Eric Gold

East London

Thank you to Eric Gold who sent me his memories of the cinema.

Eric wrote:

Beverley / Blue Halls Cinema

"I remember  the Beverley / Blue Halls cinema in the West Port / Lauriston Street area.  My big sister Ella took me and her wee laddie to see the 7th voyage of Sinbad in 1958 when it was first released with all the special effects from the Hollywood master, Ray Harryhausen.

That film inspired me to go to sea as I wanted to find the Cyclops treasure (ha ha ha ha)."

Eric Gold, East London:  June 3, 2008


Gordon Barr's Scottish Cinemas and Theatres web site includes a photograph of this cinema and the background information below.

"The Blue Halls Cinema opened in 1930, keeping the old facade of a market that stood there.

In 1954 it was altered for Cinemascope and re-named the Beverley in 1954.

It  closed in November 1959, and was demolished to make way for a pub."

-  Peter Stubbs:  June 17, 2008




Anita Razzell (née Canale)

Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to Anita Razzell who wrote:

Beverley / Blue Halls Cinema

"I lived in the Grassmarket from 1950-53 and spent many an hour in the 'Blue Halls' Cinema.  It certainly was called that then.  It was probably re-named in 1954 to the 'Beverly' after getting cinemascope."

Anita Razzell (née Canale), Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada:  June 17, 2008

Thanks for your note Beverley.  I think I got the names of the cinema wrong way round in when I wrote 1. above earlier this week.  I've corrected it now.

It was in April 1954 that the cinema's name was changed.

-  Peter Stubbs:  June 19, 2008


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