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George Roy

Hong Kong

George Roy wrote:

Bank of Scotland

Robertson Avenue

Summer Job

"I worked at Bank of Scotland Computer Services Division in Robertson Avenue, in the dispatch department, as a university summer job in 1975, 1976 and 1977. The work mainly involved putting things into pigeonholes! - but from time to time I would use the splitting and cutting machines, for splitting up computer printouts and cutting cheques for chequebooks. And on really special occasions I would accompany one of the men on the van run into the West End !"

Dispatch Dept

"I have great memories of laughs and friendship with all the boys in dispatch department.  A few names that come to mind:

 - Dougie Kay

Jim Fairgrieve

Eddie Corcoran

Sid Copeland

George Watters

Angus Lavin

Graham Shaw

Jimmy McGlashan

-   Bill Hannan

Eddie McEvoy

Bill Omand

Dougie Thompson

Davie Swanson

Alex Urquhart

Alan Cairns

Willie Stevenson

Dick Tansey

George Turton

Wally Faulkner

It's amazing how the names come back even after 35 years!"

The Computer

"I also remember doing some work in the first floor computer room, running the cheque clearing machine. The bank's computer was an IBM that had its own air conditioned room and special flooring, all the input was on punched cards and huge tape drives. I guess that I have 10 times more computing power in my telephone than that the computer had, but we all thought that it was out of this world at the time !"

The site

"I saw on Google that the old Robertson Avenue site now seems to be derelict. I wonder what happened.

If anyone worked at Robertson Avenue, back in the mid-1970s, it would be great to hear their reminiscences."

George Roy, Hong Kong:  June 30, 2010



Danny Callaghan

Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Danny Callaghan wrote:

Bank of Scotland

Robertson Avenue

The Building

"I have memories of Bank of Scotland Robertson Avenue.

Before the bank took over the building it was a bottling hall of Arthur Bell Whisky.   I was in the place a few times and the smell of spilt whisky was overpowering.

The building was subsequently taken over by the Bank of Scotland computer dept who had outgrown there premises in Dundas Street and 101? George Street.  They renovated the Arthur Bell building as a new computer hall and offices."

Office Furniture

"I was an installer of office furniture and we installed the furniture for the new computer centre.   We were installing the furniture over a weekend and all had to be ready for the staff moving in on the Monday morning."

Road Accident

"That Sunday morning was very cold and icy, and while my colleague and I were driving to the site we hit black ice and crashed our van and wrote it off.    We picked ourselves up brushed ourselves down and somehow we got transport to get us to the site and successfully completed the installation. 

This was on 14 Feb 1971.    I know that, as I still have the letter of thanks from the head man at the computer dept, George McKeand, for carrying on although we were 'visibly shaken by the accident', and therefore allowing their move to go ahead. 

The accident was all very slow motion.  The front of the van just crumpled and to this day the roughcast is still not cracked on that wall.  My only injury was a cut to my left leg which has a small scar."

Road Accident

"The building at Robertson Avenue had a flat roof which had been renovated but still continued to leak and was dripping all over the new desks we installed, through the central joint of the concrete roof slab. 

I jokingly suggested to the architect they should run a gutter under the leaking joint inside the suspended ceiling and into the down pipes at some of the pillars.    It turned out to be not so much of a joke as that is exactly what they did, although I never got my consultancy fee.   I wonder if it still is working."


"Over a period I was a regular in the building.   On the front of the building was the main staircase with large landings with seating areas and alternate gents' and ladies' toilets on each floor.

One day, I headed off to the gents toilet and was puzzled that in the toilets the urinals were boarded over .  I thought there must be a plumbing problem.    It was only when I came out that I noticed the women in the seated area all laughing and then it dawned on me that the gents had been changed to a ladies toilet, as there were lots of female workers."

Another Move

"The bank eventually outgrew Robertson Ave and moved out to new premises in Sighthill Industrial Estate.   Once again, I was involved in installing furniture there. 

Google street view still shows the building standing, complete with the Bank of Scotland sign on the 2nd floor windows."

Danny Callaghan, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland:  July 1, 2010


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