W G Adams

Butcher, Dalkeith


Thank you to Matt Rooney, New Cumnock. Ayrshire, Scotland, for the recollections of one of his many jobs in and around Edinburgh  -  working for W G Adams, Butchers of Liberton Dams


"When I worked for W.G. Adams the butcher at Dalkeith, I was returning to Dalkeith from W.G.'s shop in Dalkeith Road,  Edinburgh with a load of veal and other types of pie.  The van (a Ford 10cwt) skidded on wet leaves as I came round a corner and it neatly landed on its side, this was just before Danderhall Village.

I was fortunate, as there was a group of miners out for a walk.  They saw what had happened.  These Lads then got round the van and lifted it back onto its wheels.  Their thoughts were for me rather than the van.  There was minimal damage to the pies as they were on quite tight racks so there wasn't a great deal of movement.

I was extremely grateful to the lads that I gave them some of the  pies that had got the worst of the damage.  I had the presence of mind to get some of the lads to write their names in my notebook and to say what had happened.  We never thought in those days about carrying a camera with us.

 I got a Swearing from W.G. until I had explained what had happened to his wife and showed her the names in the notebook."


"I was sent at the beginning of the week to collect the tripe from the outside troughs.  These were the same as the one's that could be found on farms at that time. I also collected the milk churns with the blood for the black puddings.

It was it was a 10 cwt Ford van.  It didn't hold much, but I could just squeeze in two halves of a pig, sort of sideways.  It's a lot different now as they are delivered frozen to shops.

The glue factory was close to the original slaughterhouse, which was convenient,  as in those days before the freezing process took hold.  Everything more or less had to be salted if it wasn't to go rancid."

Matt Rooney, 3 September 2005


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