Amateur Photographers

John M Whitehead

The photograph by John M Whitehead appeared in Photographs of the Year from 1900 to 1920.  He photographed romantic images, often of Scottish scenes.    [Kirk V Toft] 

He was one of three judges for the EPS International Exhibition held in February 1928, and featured in one of the poems to be found in EPS literature:  Reflections on Mr Murch's Recent Lecture.

The poem is written to the tune of bagpipe music.  The last verse reads:

If you can do just half the things Iíve mentioned,

Or even one or two supremely well,

Youíll be a downright regular Royal Fellow -

A Whitehead-Mortimer-Murch-McKissock-Dell.


"Ruins - Old In Story"  -  John M Whitehead

Dunure Castle, Ayrshire  -  Print Title "Ruins Old in Story"  -  by John M Whitehead

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to  Ed Romney


In 2001, Kirk Toft returned to the same location to photograph Dunure Castle.  Below is one of his photographs:


Kirk V Toft  -  2001

Dunure Castle, Ayrshire  -  Photograph by Kirk V Toft, 2001

©  Reproduced by courtesy of Kirk V Toft