Early Photographers

Andrew  Pringle 


Andrew Pringle  -  Amateur photographer

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Andrew Pringle

Photographer and Writer

Andrew Pringle was a well-known amateur photographer and writer.  He gave lectures at several of the EPS Popular Meetings in the 1880s, and also contributed articles to the British Journal of Photography.  

He was born in 1850, educated at Eton, Trinity College, Cambridge, and the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

He settled in Roxburghshire, apart from those occasions when he was travelling around the world.



The death of Andrew Pringle at the age of 77 was reported in the British Journal of Photography on 18 January 1929 [p.33].

He was described as a veteran photographer who, since 1898, had been a director of Kodak. 

A brief biography was given [differing a little from that given above].  In his obituary, Andrew Pringle was reported as having been born at Kirkcudbright, Scotland, 1851, educated at Harrow, Cambridge and Sandhurst,  then served in the 8th Hussars.

He was a keen politician, an amateur photographer with a particular interest in micro-photography and active experimenter.

He wrote many leading articles for the weekly paper, Photography.