Waterfront Edinburgh

'Granton, Now & Then'

From 25 July 2006  -  for 3 months

Monday - Friday,   10.00am to 5.30pm

Admission Free

Upper Strand

Research & Development  Marketing Centre

This centre is close to sculpture in Saltire Square, half way up Waterfront Avenue

The Exhibition

This is a small exhibition comprising a collection of photographs of Granton, Newhaven and Leith, assembled several years ago by the Pilton Elderly Project together with some more recent views, including aerial views, of the Granton Waterfront developments.

The exhibition is on display on the first floor of Upper Strand Offices, beside the new developments at Saltire Square, half way up Waterfront Avenue.

The Photos

Photos in the exhibition include:


-  A fishing trawler.

-  A tram and the railway, near Granton Square.

-  Granton Gas Works Railway Station - workers on the platform.


-  Newhaven Fishmarket - a busy scene from earlier days.


-  A protest during the Dock Strike, 1889.

-  Salvesen's Whalers from Leith in South Atlantic, 1910.

-  Leith Docks Demonstration, 1913.

-  Closure of Henry Robb shipyard -  protest march, 1984.

The photos are interesting in showing the extent of the changes in Granton over recent decades, with almost all of the industry now closed.

Most of the exhibition photos  are well captioned, but unfortunately the captions on a few of them have vanished.

A Selection of Photos from the Exhibition


Many of the photos mentioned above were published in an article about the exhibition in the Edinburgh Evening News, July 22, 2006:  pp.16-17.



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