Marvellous Medicine

an exhibition of photomicography by Derek Christie

Leith School of Art

25 North Junction Street, Leith  -  near Leith Library

Aspirin Crystals, 2005

A photograph from Derek Christie's exhibition 'Marvellous Medicine' t Leith School of Art, January 2006

   Derek Christie, Edinburgh

20 January  to 10 February 2006

Every day except Sundays:  10am to 4pm.


Private View  19 January 2006 from 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm

The Exhibition

    Exhibition 'Marvellous Medicine' in the Leith School of Art - 25 North Junction Street, Leith

There are about 30 framed photographs in the exhibition.  They are described as "marvellous crystalline and amorphous landscapes"

The crystalline landscapes have been created by dissolving Asprin and other medicines in water, then allowing a drop to crystallise, then photographing it under the microscope through polarised light.

Many other medicines featured in the exhibition, including Optrex, Tyrozets, Iodene, Panadol and Prarcetamol.

The Church

     The Norwegian Seaman's Church, 25 North Junction Street, Leith  -  now home of the Leith School of Art

The Leith School of Art describes itself as "a small, vibrant community, committed to the teaching and practice of art and design".

Its premises as a converted church, originally built for the Norwegian Lutherans, at a time when Leith's trade with the Baltic Countries resulted in a large population of Scandinavian sailors settling in the area.  It is the oldest Norwegian sailors' church outside Norway.

The church was designed by a Danish architect in 1868.