An exhibition of footballs found in the Water of Leith

Ocean Terminal

Leith Docks, Level E,   Room 3

1 - 6 June 2006


Compass ~ Queen Charlotte St, Leith ~ 7 June - 10 July

Holmes Place Club, Greenside Place ~ 7 June - 10 July


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'Found'  -  An exhibition of footballs found in the Water of Leith  -  June 2006

 Copyright: Douglas Jones, 2004-06

The Exhibition

In recognition of the World Cup, and as part of the Leith Festival, both being held in June 2006, Douglas Jones has produced an exhibition of footballs found in the Water of Leith.

The Water of Leith is the river that starts in the Pentland Hills to the SW of Edinburgh and joins the Firth of Forth at Leith.

Douglas found all the balls in the Water of Leith over 2 years to 2006, and has photographed them in his studio.

Press Comment

The Edinburgh Evening News interviewed Douglas Jones and discussed his exhibition.  Douglas said:

"I created a kind of catcher, which had two upturned hooks on the end of an old broom handle - a bit like the thing they use to fish out plastic ducks at a fairground."

"The balls had a lot of character about them.  One of the first ones I got was the Coca-Cola ball which had been patched up by a child using sticking plasters.  It was perfect, and that is the beauty of things you find. they have their own story."

The Edinburgh Evening News invited readers to answer the question:  "Do you think the work of Douglas Jones is art or just discarded rubbish?"  I never read the result of this poll.

Evening News:  June 38, 2006, p.3


 August 2006

Today, I saw eight large prints from this exhibition on display (with copies offered for sale) high on one of the walls of the First Floor of Ocean Terminal.

Peter Stubbs:  August 15, 2006