Photographs by David Buchanan


Fine Art Library

Edinburgh Central Library

George IV Bridge

5 - 28 January 2006

Mon - Thurs.  10am to 5pm.       Fri.  10am to 5pm.     Sat. 9am to 1pm


Poster for an exhibition of Photograhs by David Buchanan in the Fine Art Library at Edinburgh Central Library, January 2006

  David Buchanan, Edinburgh Photographic Society

The Photographs

This exhibition shows images of Eastern Europe, the Alps, North West Scotland and elsewhere by David Buchanan, a member of Edinburgh Photographic Society.  Most of the photos are landscapes.  The photos of Scotland include wide angle views, high in the mountains, and rainbows.

The prints are also displayed in the members' galleries of the Edinburgh Photographic Society web site.

There are 54 photographs in the exhibition.  All have been digitally printed and mounted behind card (50cm  x 40cm mounts).  They are offered for sale at 50 each.