West Pilton Place

'Swedish Houses'


Demolition of houses in West Pilton Road

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Stuart Lyon, Blackford, Edinburgh

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   'Swedish Houses' in West Pilton Place ©



Stuart Lyon

Blackford, Edinburgh

Thank you to Stuart Lyon who wrote, sending me the photograph above of a house in West Pilton Place in response to a question from Sonia Zhuravlyova (Prefab Houses, Recollections 31) asking if there were any remaining Swedish prefabs in Edinburgh.

Stuart replied:

West Pilton Place

   'Swedish Houses' in West Pilton Place ©

"Houses such as the one in the photo above were always called the 'Swedish Houses' when I grew up in Pilton in the 1950s!

I donít recall them being called prefabs but I think they were Ďkití houses that were contracted quicker than a traditional build. There are some of these up near Wester Hailes too.

Stuart Lyon, Blackford, Edinburgh:  December 28, 2015




Sonia Zhuravlyova


Thank you to Sonia Zhuravlyova  for writing again.

Sonia wrote:

Swedish Prefab Houses

Any Memories?

"If you could just reiterate that I'm looking to speak to any original inhabitants of these kit houses, then that would be great!"

Sonia Zhuravlyova, England:  21 December 2015.

Reply to Sonia

If you'd like to contact Sonia, please email  me to let me know , then I'll pass on her email address to you.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  31 December, 2015



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