Lady Stair's Close

This is one of the Royal Mile closes.  These closes are narrow lanes on either side of the Royal Mile.  They pass between the high buildings and emerge into the Royal Mile.

Lady Stair's Close leads to the North from the Lawnmarket past Lady Stair's House, now the Writer's Museum.


Sugarhouse Close -  August 2003

Looking through Sugarhouse Close towards the Royal Mile

View from Sugarhouse Close  -  looking across the Edinburgh Royal Mile towards Tolbooth Tavern and Old Tolbooth Wynd

Looking through Sugarhouse Close across Edinburgh Royal Mile to Tolbooth Tavern and Old Tolbooth Wynd

Sugarhouse Close - 1

Sugarhouse - Close - 2

Sugarhouse Close - 3



Please click here to find Lady Stair's Close on a map of the Royal Mile.

It is No. 59, near the bottom of  this map on the left hand side.


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