Road Sign

Old Cramond Brig Sign


Sign rescued from the River Almond, 1973  -  Seen here  in the hands of David Gordon

Road Sign on the A8  -  Five and a half miles from Edinburgh

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                        Photograph taken 22 July 2011


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      Lamp Post in Lothian Road, outside the Usher Hall  -  late-1950s


Road Sign

Old Cramond Brig Sign

This sign was placed at the old Cramond Brig over the River Almond, when the bridge was closed to vehicles.  The sign was rescued from the Almond around 1972 by author and collector, Nick Oddy.

The sign is now in the hands (literally) of David Gordon, and is seen in the passage beside his shop selling old toys and antiques at West Crosscauseway, Edinburgh.


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