This seems likely to have been the base for a railway bridge over

Seafield Road

Base of an old Railway Bridges

Seafield Road  -  Possible base of an old railway bridge

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                        Photo taken:  September 16, 2009 


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Seafield Road  -  Possible base of an old railway bridge



Remains of the old Railway Bridge

This photograph was taken in September 2009, while looking to see if there were any remnants of the old railway bridge that used to cross Seafield Road. 

This view looks to the east along Seafield Road towards Portobello,  from close to where the old railway bridge over Seafield Road probably once stood.

I believe that the wall, jutting out into the pavement a little, below the large advertising sing, was probably once the base of the old railway bridge.  The pedestrian bridge across the railway line beside Seafield level crossing can be seen on the left-hand side of this photo.

The bridge over Seafield Road was the subject of Question 2 on this Seafield page on the EdinPhoto web site.

Looking to across Seafield Road

Here is another photo taken from nearby.  This one looks to to the south across Seafield Road at a point where I believe that the bridge once stood.

Seafield Road  -  Possible base of an old railway bridge


1925 Map

The layout of the lines and the bridge over Seafield Road can be seen very clearly on his NE Edinburgh extract from a 1925 map:

Edinburgh and Leith map, 1925  -  North-east Edinburgh section

The bridge is fairly close to the centre of this map:

-  just above the words 'Seafield Lo" and

to the right of the words "SEAFIELD CEMETERY"



Seafield Road

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