The corner of

Rosebank Road


Granton Road

The old entrance to Wardie Farm  -  2010

The corner of Granton Road and Rosebank Road  -  2010

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                            Photo taken: August 31, 2010


Rosebank Road

Wardie Farm Entrance

This photo was taken on the corner of Granton Road and Rosebank Road in Trinity, North Edinburgh in 2010.

Up to about 1955, this was the entrance to Wardie Farm.

Wardie Farm, around 1948-50  -  Looking NE from Rosebank Road

Gate Post

The old gate post with hook for the farm gate can be seen in this photo. 

Local resident, John Stevenson is standing beside this post.  John researches maritime history, local history and family history.  He told me:

"There used to be a similar post on the opposite side of Rosebank Road but that has now gone.

I remember that the farmer used to have a few sheep.  Occasionally, when the sheep were being taken from the farm, he would call on the children in the district to help.

He would hang a gate on this post to close off the road, then open it a little to allow sheep out, we would all have to make sure that they found their way onto the waiting lorry and did not escape down Granton Road."

John Stevenson, Trinity, Edinburgh:  August 31, 2009


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