Street Lighting

Princes Street

Around 1958

George Street  -  Fluorescent Lights  -  Early Sunday Morning, around 1958?

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Danny Callaghan, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland


Princes Street

Street Lighting

Thank you to Danny Callaghan for sending me this photo looking west along Princes Street towards the Scott Monument from the junction of Princes Street and South St Andrew Street.

Princes Street in this photo is almost deserted, with just one parked car and a couple of pedestrians walking along the street towards the camera.  It looks asif the street sweeper has recently passed by sweeping and washing the gutter.

Danny wrote:

Early Sunday Morning

"The picture above was taken by my Dad on an early Sunday morning probably in 1958.  The tram lines had already been removed from Princes Street when this photo was taken.

I'm not sure what is beyond the car but it almost looks as if it could be a hoarding around the C&A site.

I remember my Dad taking this photo.  He went up town very early one Sunday morning, probably to the 7am Mass at St Mary's Cathedral and took some photos including this one.

Here is a photo of George Street that Dad took on the same morning:

George Street  -  Fluorescent Lights  -  Early Sunday Morning, around 1958?

Danny Callaghan, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland:  February 19, 2011

Date of the Photo

It seems reasonable to assume that this photo was taken in or around 1958.

-  Trams stopped running on Princes Street in November 1956.  The lines were lifted soon afterwards.

-  C&A Modes in Princes Street caught fire in November 1955.  The shop was not rebuilt immediately.


Princes Street

Around Edinburgh