Princes Street

Traffic Lights

at the foot of Hanover street

Traffic Lights in front of the National Galleries on Princes Street

for traffic approaching from Hanover Street

Traffic Lights in front of the National Galleries in Princes Street  -  introduced as part of the Central Edinburgh Traffic Management Scheme in 2005

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                       Photograph taken 15 November 2005

Princes Street Traffic Lights

The normal traffic flow at Princes Street for traffic travelling from Hanover Street used to be to turn right into Princes Street, then immediately left up the Mound. 

However the Central Edinburgh Traffic Management scheme now permits some traffic to turn left (see the lights above) and some to turn right in a separate lane with its own traffic lights.

This photo was taken in 2005.  The traffic lights are still the same today, in 2008.

Bus 310 , Edinburgh Tour Bus crosses Princes Street at the foot of the Mound  -  November 2005 3

The view in the photograph above looks along Princes Street to the east.  The tour bus is crossing Princes Street from Hanover Street to the Mound.

When I first came to Edinburgh in 1963, this junction was controlled by two police men on 'point duty' working together, signalling traffic with their white gloves and sleeves.

Since then several different arrangements for signalling the traffic at this junction have been introduced.  The above is the latest in October 2005.  Not all have been successful in persuading traffic to take the correct routes.


Edinburgh Traffic Management Scheme  -  Map

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