Primrose Bank Road

Trinity, Edinburgh

Primrose Bank Road  -  opposite Wardie Parish Church

Primrose Bank Road  -  Houses and snow -  December 2010                                                                                             Photograph taken:   December 20, 2010

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    Primrose Bank Road  -  Houses and snow -  December 2010


Primrose Bank Road


This photo was taken on December 20, 2010, after more than three weeks of snowy weather - most unusual for Edinburgh, especially so early in the winter.

The houses are on the north side of Primrose Bank Road, between Netherby Road and Stirling Road, opposite Wardie Parish Church.

Houses and Pillar Box

Please click on the thumbnail image below see a similar photo of these houses, but with a pillar box in the foreground.

Primrose Bank Road  -  Houses, pillar box and snow -  December 2009


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