Longstone Road

Shop at No 23

Longstone Road

Longstone Road  -  Shop at No 23

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Robert Laird, Longstone, Edinburgh




Robert Laird

Longstone, Edinburgh

Thank you to Robert Laird who wrote:

23 Longstone Road

"I see that Avril Coats is looking for a photo of a shop that her Grandparents owned at 23 Longstone Road, some time in the early 1950's.  Our family lived at number 29 back then.

Here is a photo that shows a small boy in the fore ground (me).  Just in front is a small 'L-shaped' low wall.  The metal railings are still on one part, but missing from the front. That was the front paved area outside Mrs Thomas' shop.

Avril will see that the shop has been converted back into a house at this time, circa 1960.  I hope this photo is of some value to her."

Beech Nut Chewing Gum

"It was later Mrs Fraser's shop. That is who owned it when I was  a wee lad.  I vividly remember the 'Beech Nut' chewing gum machine, that was mounted on the wall next to the window.

A one penny deposited into the slot, got you a packet of gum and every fourth penny into the machine got two. (one for free)."

[I also remember the 'Beech Nut' machines outside shops where I grew up in West Yorkshire in the 1950s.  There was a small arrow on the knob that you turned, a quarter-turn to deliver the chewing gum.  If the arrow was pointing towards you, that meant that the next penny would deliver two chewing gums.         -  Peter Stubbs.]

More Shops

"Behind the man in the picture is another shop, Mr Sutherland's, grocers.

He also had a fruit and veg shop in the village.  The old fruit shop is now a 'bookies'."

Robert Laird, Longstone, Edinburgh:  January 14, 2009




Robert Laird

Longstone, Edinburgh

Thank you to Robert Laird for also sending the message below.

Robert wrote

Mrs Thomas' Shop

"The enquiry Avril Coats made regarding the shop that used to operate at 23 Longstone Road, initiated a conversation between my dad and myself.

My father remembers Mrs Thomas' shop very well.  It was well known in the village that Mrs Thomas was a very pious lady who read her bible every day.

Prior to it changing hands, my dad remembers that her two daughters, Dorothy and Jean, worked regularly in the shop. Both of these 'girls' were good friends of my fathers at the time."

Robert Laird, Longstone, Edinburgh:  January 27, 2009




Jean Lennie (née Campbell)

Thank you to Jean Lennie (née Campbell) who wrote:

Mrs Thomas' Shop

"I was extremely interested to read about Longstone.  We used to live at Kingsknowe and I attended Longstone school between the ages of four and a half and eleven and a half.  That was in 1939.

I knew some of the Brand family as my mother got milk from them at one time.

I went to school with of Mrs. Brand's grand daughter.  I believe she was called Barbara Kane, and her Aunt was Jacqueline Forrester.

I also knew some of the Lairds, I don't know if they are related to Robert Laird (1+2 above)Their names were Betty, Jessie and Cissie, and I think they had an older brother who went to school with one of my brothers."

Jean Lennie (née Campbell):  July 12, 2009




Hazel Hind

Thank you to Hazel Hind for responding to  Robert Laird who wrote 'Recollections' 1 and 'Recollections 2' above.

Hazel wrote.

23 Longstone Road

"I'd like to thank Robert Laird for mentioning my grandmother’s shop. I printed it and gave it to my mother, Dorothy Thomas (age 87), who was delighted to read about her own mother.

It is truly amazing what you read on the internet"

Hazel Hind:  February 21, 2013


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