Jamaica Street


Jamaica Street

Children in the street, one with a Gird

Jeffrey Street  -  Wood Brothers' fish delivery van

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Dave Ferguson.  Photographer not known                                                   Photo taken c.1973


Jamaica Street

Thank you to Dave Ferguson for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Dave wrote:

Playing with the Gird

"This view looks to the west along Jamaica Street, toward India Street.  The people in this photo are too small for me to recognise.

Note the child with the gird, and one of the streets residents sitting on the step.  We always did this in Edinburgh and still do it here in Blairgowrie on a lovely morning."

Piper Thamson

"This photo was taken around 1963.  The van in the photo belonged to an old character from Loanhead.  He was known as 'Piper Thamson'.  He was an old soldier who made a living collecting cardboard for recycling, and collecting the old wooden tomato boxes which he sold to the local gardening nurseries"

Dave Ferguson, Blairgowrie, Perth & Kinross, Scotland:  March 15+17, 2012

Another Photo

Here is another photo provided by Dave Ferguson, also taken in Jamaica Street:

Three on a step in Jamaica Street in Jamaica Street


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