Inverleith Row
Photo captioned: Marchmont Road


Inverleith Row  -  Bus and Lamp Post Crash - 1948

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Edinburgh City Archives. Street Lighting Collection SL90/8
Any reproduction requires  the prior permission of Edinburgh City Archives


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      Inverleith Row  -  Bus and Lamp Post Crash - 1948


Marchmont Road or Inverleith Row?


Thank you to Edinburgh City Archives for allowing me to reproduce this photo from their Edinburgh Street Lighting Collection.

This accident happened in Marchmont Road.  I've not yet discovered exactly where it was in Marchmont Road. **

There is no photographer's name on this photo;  just a brief message

Marchmont Road **

July 23, 1948


**  Update

This photo was actually taken in Inverleith Row, not Marchmont Road.

See Reply 5 on this page.

Another photo

Here is another photo of the same accident.  The caption on the back of the photo was the same as above, but with the additional words:

No one injured


Inverleith Row  -  Bus and Lamp Post Crash - 1948

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