Infirmary Street

Edinburgh Old Town

Leading to the east off South Bridge, opposite Chambers Street

Lamp Post

    Infirmary Street Lamp Post, 2009

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Steven Oliver, Duns, Borders, Scotland:  Photo May 24, 2009


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    Infirmary Street Lamp Post, 2009


Infirmary Street

Thank you to Steven Oliver for allowing me to reproduce this photo of the cast iron lamp columns in Infirmary Street, Edinburgh.

Steven wrote:

Lamp Posts Restored

"Here is one of the lamp posts in Infirmary Street.  The column is by Falkirk Iron Co.

Some time around 2002, the bracket on the lamp post was removed.  A replacement MacKenzie pattern bracket was fitted in autumn 2008.

I took the photograph above in May 2009, not long after the new 'teardrop' lantern had been fitted.

Steven Oliver, Duns, Borders, Scotland:  January 5, 2011


Please click on the thumbnail image below to zoom-out and see the whole lamp post and the surrounding streetscape.

Infirmary Street Lamp Posts, 2009


Infirmary Street

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