St Cuthbert's Co-op Milk Delivery Horse in

Gladstone Terrace

one of the streets to the south of The Meadows and Melville Drive


St Cuthbert's Milk Horse at Gladstone Terrace

  Trevor Rigg, Edinburgh




Trevor Rigg


St Cuthbert's Milk Delivery Horse

Thank you to Trevor Rigg, Edinburgh for sending me this photograph.

 Trevor wrote:

1980- 83

"This photo was taken in Gladstone Terrace between 1980 and 1983. Interesting to note, too, the "housecoat" worn by the elderly lady feeding the animal!

If I remember correctly, the service continued until the horse bolted one day and had to be put down."

Trevor Rigg, Edinburgh:  April 24, 2007


St Cuthbert's Co-op milk deliveries by horse and cart in Edinburgh continued until January 26, 1985. 

I believe that at the start of 1985, St Cuthbert's was using about a dozen horses, all stabled at Grove Street, Fountainbridge, to deliver the milk around Edinburgh

Peter Stubbs:  April 25, 2007




Julie Miller

Perth, Western Australia

Thank you also to Julie Miller, now living in Perth, Western Australia, who wrote:

Feeding the Milk Delivery Horse

"It seems that the person shown in this photograph is my gran (or possibly my great aunt).  My sister & I have fond memories of being taken out to the street & feeding the milk horse."

Julie Miller, Perth ,Western Australia:  October 1, 2007




John Glen

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England

Thank you to John Glen (father of Julie Miller) for sending this message, also on October 1, 2007.

John wrote:

Feeding the Milk Delivery Horse

"The person feeding the horse in this photo was my aunt, Miss Elsie Thain.  She used to come over to Gladstone Terrace to visit her sister, Mrs Jessie Glen, deceased, who lived at number 14 Gladstone Terrace

They both used to take my two daughters out to feed the horse, when they were on holiday visiting their grandmother.  It was an unusual sight for children of their age who lived in Hertfordshire."

John Glen, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England:  October 1, 2007




Anne Holmes

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Anne Holmes lived on the south side of Edinburgh near the Sick Children's Hospital and went to Sciennes School then Darroch Secondary School. She  left Edinburgh around 1974 and now lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Anne wrote:

Gladstone Terrace

"I came across the site about Edinburgh by accident and I must say it was a most enjoyable journey, especially when I clicked on the Gladstone Terrace link and saw the picture of the horse cart delivering the milk.

I lived at no. 14 in one of the top flats from when I was 10 until I was 16 and we used to have our milk delivered from the cart.

The Store Horse

As kids it was known to us as 'the store horse'.  In those days we referred to St Cuthbert's as the 'store'.

Several residents of the street would go out with their shovels after the horse had left to collect the manure for their gardens.


I also remember my mum and my gran were store members and used to collect their 'divvy', a share of the profits, once a year.  It was a time to look forward to as I used to get new shoes when mum collected her divvy.

Anne Holmes, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England:  July 3, 2008


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