East Thomas Street

Joseph Shaw in East Thomas Street

Joe Shaw in East Thomas Street, near Easter Road, Edinburgh

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Frank Joseph Shaw, Perth, Western Australia


East Thomas Street

Frank Shaw and Family

Thank you to Frank Shaw, now living in Perth, Western Australia, for sending me the photograph above of his father, Joseph Shaw.

Frank is one of several people who has sent me his memories of East Thomas Street, an old street, just west of Easter Road and a few hundred yards to the north of London Road.

Frank, who lived at 18 East Thomas Street from 1944 until 1965 wrote:

"East Thomas Street was the centre street in a set of three, Elgin Street, to the left and East William Street to the right, they where built prior to 1855 and demolished around 1975.

This photograph of my dad shows what the outside of the houses where like."

Frank Joseph Shaw, Perth, Western Australia:  February 8, 2007

More Photos?

Frank, like others who have written to me, would like to find a photograph of East Thomas Street.  If you know of any such photos, please e-mail me.

 Thank you.  -  Peter Stubbs


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