The family of James Morton-Robertson


at Gullane Bay

James and Brian on the Gullane Bay

   James Morton-Robertson and his  brother Brian Samuel Frank Morrisonon the beach at Gullane.  James Morton-Robertson has sent recollections of Heriot Mount to the EdinPhoto web site

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to James Morton-Robertson, Sevenoaks, Kent, England
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The Photo

Thank you to James Morton-Robertson for providing the photograph above.

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James wrote:

"This photograph is of me at Gullane with my younger brother, Brian.

Gullane Bay is on the southern coast of the Firth of Forth in East Lothian, about 20 miles to the east of Edinburgh.  James recalls visits to Gullane bay when he was a little older.  He wrote:

"In the 1940s and '50s, our family and the Purves family went to Gullane every Sunday, rain or shine, threading our way through the barbed wire and dodging the mines. 

I learned to swim in Gullane Bay.  We would take a tent, a flask filled with mince & mashed potato, cooking pans, kettle, water  container, swimming things.  I don't know how we carried it all. 

We youngsters would look for discarded lemonade bottles, get tuppence back on each which would buy us an ice-cream for the bus journey home to St Andrew Square, then on to the no 5 tram to Nicholson St, then the longish walk home."

James Morton-Robertson:  Sevenoaks, Kent, England:  July 1, 2007


James Morton-Robertson used to live at Heriot Mount.

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