Duncan's Chocolates

Chocolate Assortment Tin

What is the age of this tin?

Duncan's Chocolates Tin  -  When might this have been produced? ©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Virginia (Gin) Davis, Barboursville, Virginia, USA


Duncan's Chocolates

Chocolate Assortment Tin

Gin Davis, Barboursville, Virginia, USA, who sent me the photo is trying to discover the age of this tin.  She writes:


"Do you, by any chance, know anyone who would know about this tin design and its date?  I have a feeling it was one of Duncan's first one pound tins…it looks very old…physically and in its design."

Virginia (Gin) Davis:  January 29, 2008

If you think you know when this tin might have been manufactured and sold, please e-mail me, then I'll  pass your message on to Virginia.

Thank you.    - Peter Stubbs:  February 14, 2008.


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