Stevenson & Cheyne

engineering works

Beside the Water of Leith, Bonnington, Edinburgh

Coffee Break -  1993

 Edinburgh at Work  - Stevenson & Cheyne, workbench, 1992

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs.    Please contact                                   Photograph taken February 18, 1993


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   Edinburgh at Work  - Stevenson & Cheyne, workbench, 1992


Stevenson & Cheyne

Engineering Works

Coffee Break

One of the workers settles down with his coffee and newspaper, as the other, wearing the traditional headgear of a welder, white spots on red, practises playing the chanter for his  bagpipes.

Here is another photograph taken during the same coffee break:

Stevenson & Cheyne, Bonninfton, Edinburgh 

and here a worker uses his home-made sword to heat his bacon roll at the brazier:

Edinburgh at Work  -  Stevenson & Cheyne, Bonnington, Edinburgh 

These  photos were taken on a cold February morning at Stevenson & Cheyne's works.


Stevenson & Cheyne

Edinburgh at Work