Stevenson & Cheyne

engineering works

Beside the Water of Leith, Bonnington, Edinburgh

Old Buildings beside the Water of Leith  -  1992

 Edinburgh at Work  - Stevenson & Cheyne, workbench, 1992

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs.    Please contact                                   Photograph taken February 12, 1992


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   Edinburgh at Work  - Stevenson & Cheyne, workbench, 1992


Stevenson & Cheyne

Engineering Works

Old Buildings

When I took this photo in 1992, There was a yard, with some old buildings (now demolished) immediately to the north of the Stevenson & Cheyne engineering works, and close to the Water of Leith.

Some of the buildings can be seen in the photo at the top of this page.

Here is the same view in sepia:

Edinburgh at Work  -  Stevenson & Cheyne, Bonnington, Edinburgh 

and here is another sepia view of the same building, with an old petrol pump in the foreground:

Stevenson & Cheyne, Bonnington, EdinburghEdinburgh at Work  -   



Stevenson & Cheyne

Edinburgh at Work