formerly St Cuthbert's Coop

Milk Deliveries


St Cuthbert's Coop Milk Deliveries  -  McDonald Road  -  1985

St Cuthbert's Milk Deliveries  -  January 1985

  Peter Stubbs.   Photograph taken:  January 26, 1985

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   St Cuthbert's Milk Deliveries  -  January 1985


St Cuthbert's Coop

Milk Deliveries

This view looks up McDonald Road towards Leith Walk

This photograph was taken on January 26, 1985, the last day that St Cuthbert's used horse-drawn floats to deliver milk in Edinburgh, after 125 years of operation.





Thank you to John who added:

"There was still a fair distance to go up McDonald Road before reaching Leith Walk.  This picture was probably taken round about where the Martin & Frost furniture shop once was.

In the foreground, to the right, is the Territorial Army building, and on the left will be the fire station.

Macdonald Road Fire Station  -  October 2005

You can see the black metal railing on the left between the two trees that stop you walking out in front of the fire engines."

John:   December 30, 2008


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