Scottish Agricultural Industries

Fertiliser manufacturers  -   Chemical Plant at Leith Docks

SAI at  Leith Docks  -  1991

 Edinburgh at Work  -  SAI  -  Leith Docks

  Peter Stubbs.    Please contact                                                           Photograph taken July 3, 1991


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   Edinburgh at Work  -  SAI  -  Leith Docks

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   Edinburgh at Work  -  SAI  -  Leith Docks



Leith Docks

This view looks along the railway tracks from the NE corner of Leith Docks, towards the SAI fertiliser plant, situated along the northern edge of Leith Docks.

The worker seen standing in front of this nitric acid plant is Douglas Gillespie who had worked for SAI since 1958.  He helped to install both the previous nitric acid plant and the new nitric acid plant at Leith Docks.

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