Looking down on the Branch at 14 George Street of

Royal Bank of Scotland

Now 'The Dome' restaurant

Royal Bank of Scotland workers behind the counter  -  1993

4Royal Bank of  Scotland, 14 George Street  -  1993

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                      Photograph taken April 29, 1993


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    Royal Bank of  Scotland, 14 George Street  -  1993


14 George Street

History of the Building

This building is on the south side of George Street, across the road from St Andrew's and St George's church.  It was designed by David Rhind, and originally built as Head Office of the Commercial Bank.  The building opened in 1847.

Following takeovers, ownership of the building moved to the National Commercial Bank of Scotland then the Royal Bank of Scotland.  It was a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland when I took the photograph above of the RBS workers 'behind the counter' beneath the dome.


During the 1990s and early 2000s, several of the banks and other buildings owned by financial companies in George Street have seen a change of use, becoming restaurants, shops and night clubs.  The former Royal Bank of Scotland at 14 George Street (in the photo above) has now become 'The Dome' restaurant.


Royal Bank of Scotland

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